Utilitech 60 Watt LED Light Bulb Review

10 Feb

The Utilitech Pro 60 Watt equivalent LED is a great all purpose LED bulb that is an easy replacement for a standard incandescent bulb. This bulb features a raised plastic lens that allows light to be case in all directions in a manner that is similar to a conventional incandescent bulb. The standout feature of this particular bulb is its ability to be dimmed way down much better than any other LED bulb that I have tested. It is possible to dim the bulb lower than it is even useful.

The bulb is cooled by a finned heatsink at the base like almost all other LED bulbs. After extended use, the base of the bulb gets up to about 160ºF, but he plastic lens remains cool so you can still remove the bulb even when it is hot. The painting on the heatsink was quite poor on my bulb with a lot of bare metal visible deep down in the fins. This is not only a cosmetic issue, but also a thermal issue. The paint helps radiate heat away from the fins better than bare metal would otherwise be able to radiate heat.

As for specifications, the bulb is listed as consuming 13.5 Watts of power while putting out 800 lumens of light at 3000K color temperature.

Available at Lowes. 


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  1. World’s Most Efficient LED Light Bulb – Philips Award Winning LED Bulb « LED Bulb Review - March 10, 2012

    […] The blub is dimmable using leading-edge dimmers according to the box. I tested it out with a dimmer and found that it gives off a quiet buzz when on a dimmer even when at full brightness. The buzzing is probably loud enough to be distracting if you are using this as a reading light. On the subject of dimmability, I found that the bulb’s light output becomes a very ugly color when dimmed. As you begin to dim, the light turns bluish and then it becomes pink. Overall, the dimming characteristics of this bulb are quite poor. My favorite dimmable bulb is still the Utilitech 60W equivalent. […]

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